STSC Support to the Submarine Fleet

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THOR is a member of the AECOM Team awarded a five year, $34M contract to provide submarine-related technical, maintenance, repair, weapons systems, logistics, information systems, data management, and assessment support to the Submarine Technical Support Center (STSC) in Groton, Connecticut. STSC’s mission is to provide an all-inclusive submarine-related technical expertise for continuous and uninterrupted multi-platform maintenance and repair services in support of homeported and/or deployed submarine units within Groton’s AOR. It is part of the Naval Submarine Support Facility (NSSF), Groton, which was established to provide direct maintenance support and repairs to submarines assigned to various squadrons aboard Naval Submarine Base New London (Subbase New London). NSSF has the capability and capacity to simultaneously provide and support a wide range of maintenance operations required by mod-ern submarines.

Under our subcontract with AECOM, THOR provides highly-qualified technical experts that provide operational testing, troubleshooting, and technical assistance for the repair of submarine shipboard navigation and ships control systems; Hull, Mechanical and Electrical (HM&E) related equipment; and Fire Control, Weapons Systems, and Launcher Systems. The team provides support to 17 US Submarines in Squadrons 4 and 12, including Los Ange-les Class, Virginia Class and Seawolf Class submarines. The THOR team supporting this effort re-port to Mr. Tim Finnegan, Head of THOR’s Undersea Warfare Systems Division. “THOR has extensive experience providing technical assistance and Fleet readiness support to the Navy,” commented Tim. “This new work with AECOM and STSC gives us an excellent opportunity to expand our capabilities even further, and provide meaningful, mission-critical sup-port to the submarine Fleet