NAVMAC for Inport Workweek Study

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THOR Solutions, LLC was awarded a subcontract to assist in conducting the first comprehensive, data-driven assessment of the inport Navy Availability Factor (NAF). THOR’s Training Development Team is working with the Navy Manpower Analysis Center (NAVMAC) to conduct inport workweek surveys and deliver policy recommendations while updating the categories and time components initially established in the interim in port NAF to a new in port NAF. The primary focus of the study will be on Service Diversion and Training for enlisted sailors. Twenty surface ships across two phases, CONUS and over-seas, will be studied, to include ships in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Rota, Spain; and Yokosuka, Japan.

Under this contract, THOR and their teammates (WBB) will review sailor training requirements and conduct a gap analysis; investigate and recommend productive and non-productive time components of the in port NAF; identify, capture, define, and segregate operational distractions; and quantify observed individual and unit training and provide a comprehensive analysis comparing actual training events and times to required training events and times. The study will help identify undermanned work centers and their impact, the root causes of unusually high hours, and categorize operational and personal distractions while in port. THOR’s Training Development Team, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was able to start up the new task rapidly in October 2019, immediately after sub-contract award. Training Development Program Manager Kelly Allen said, “This new work gives us the opportunity to work directly with the sailors in the fleet as well as NAVMAC, helping to further THOR’s mission to keep the ship and sail-or number one.”