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System Safety Engineering & Management

System Safety Engineers specializing in assessment and consequence prevention through the design and operation of military/commercial ships and offshore structures.

  • Planning, Documentation & Staffing
  • Performance & Safety Design Requirements
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Mishap Risk Mitigation
  • Test for Safe Design
  • Practices, Policies, Procedures & Implementation Tools

Team THOR has extensive experience in marine safety both ashore and afloat.  THOR employees have consulted with all manner of ocean going vessels and the companies owned and or operating them, including bulk oil tankers, chemical carriers, passenger vessels of all sizes.  We have maritime training and inspection expertise in hazardous materials, ship construction and repair.  Team THOR employees include trained marine inspectors, investigators and responders to maritime emergencies.  One employee held a senior management position at a major cruise line responsible for all safety issues. 

The same analytical processes necessary to comply with international and national maritime law and regulation will be brought to bear on Volpe Center support tasking.  THOR is adept at analyzing new requirements and providing solutions for technically difficult tasks.  A current and ongoing safety analysis for a major international cruise line is still underway.  In-depth comprehension of all company and international safety guidance and observation of operations has resulted in a comprehensive analysis of technical and operational procedures for the company.  Our knowledge and experience in safety has resulted in a comprehensive list of observations for the company to consider for a continuous improvement plan.  Many of the solutions are “out of the box” beyond current standards which will distinguish the company beyond its competitors. 

With many years of experience in the government and civilian sectors of the maritime industry, THOR is very familiar with rulemaking processes.  Frequent participation in public rulemaking sessions regarding safety, salvage, firefighting and working with the State of Alaska on environmental regulation of the cruise line gives THOR personnel a personal relationship level of working with the government.  The documentation and investigative process used when working issues for the USCG Research and Development Center for an Oil-In-Ice project resulted in THOR employees conducting a workshop of assembled experts on the Great Lakes. In additions, Team THOR staff poses an unmatched expertise in dealing with vessel Hydrostatics and Stability and can help evaluate all requirements for intact and damaged stability.  Team THOR has employed these capabilities to:

  • Conduct the heavy sealift for British Petroleum’s Northstar Operations Center through the Panama Canal for.  Our engineers played a role in all technical aspects of the project including reviewing barge stability and developing cargo ballast plans. 
  • Conduct a numerous of stability analyses for various work boats and barges. 
  • Conduct extensive analysis of all Navy shipboard systems in support of maintaining fleet readiness and providing cost avoidance to maintenance community. 
  • Assessed the failures of the Inert Gas Systems aboard MSC tank ships was not safe for the ship or the port therefore the vessels were denied entry until satisfactory repairs and or modifications were made to safely conduct cargo operations.
  • Inspect and analyze the fire, structural, electrical and overall safety issues on the historic stern wheeler, Delta Queen to determine it was a safety and fire threat to passengers and the environment, and have it removed from service.
Rescue Effort - Swap of stokes litter to USCG vessel
Areas of Acquisition Safety
Risk Assessment Matrix (MIL-STD-882E, Department of Defense Standard Practice for System Safety)