Thor Solutions

Ship Modernization & Maintenance

Balanced, optimized, and integrated Maintenance & Modernization Planning and Execution Support.

  • Project & Program-Level Management Support to NAVSEA & Coast Guard CG-9 Directorates
  • Manpower, Personnel, and Training requirements development for new and modernized systems (ashore, pier-side, and afloat)
  • Maintenance / Modernization Planning, Risk Mitigation, and CNO Availability Management
  • Continuous Process Improvements to reduce Total Ownership Cost (TOC) and Business Case Analysis (BCA) for Major Modernization decisions
  • Obsolescence Identification and DMS Solution Development

AVENGER MCM-1 Class ship Extended Life Sustainability Study (MCM ELSP). Sponsored by OPNAV N85, directed by NAVSEA SEA21, and tasked by NSWCCD SSES Philadelphia, Ships Fleet Support Branch (Code 916), THOR conducted an AVENGER MCM-1 Class ship Extended Life Sustainability Study (MCM ELSP) todetermine the effort and cost required to sustain all 14 MCM-1 Class ships past the original 30-year design service life, through 2030.  THOR’s MCM ELSP focused on the creation of a “machine state” behavioral model via the development of a system and component-level material history data set, which was validated through statistically significant sampling to construct an accurate representation (to 95% Confidence Level at .50 Confidence Interval), of ship-wide Hull, Mechanical and Electrical (HM&E) systems and individual component ship-check assessments in MCM-1, MCM-2 and MCM-14.  In turn, the MCM ELSP calculated remaining multi-state system and component service life, accounting for degrading component and distributed system (e.g., piping, electrical power, etc.); multi-state behavior over the extended service life, as affected by scheduled preventative maintenance actions; machinery monitoring predictive maintenance (cued threshold); individual component performance degradation trends; and OPNAV Required Operational Capability / Projected Operational Environment (ROC/POE) ship-level performance requirements. Additionally, the MCM ELSP accounted for the N85 projected increase in forward-deployed MCM ship operations in the more environmentally demanding 5th and 7th Fleet areas.

LSD-41/49 Class, Ship Service Diesel Generator (SSDG) Business Case Analysis (BCA). THOR’s activities include a detailed LSD-41/49 Class, Ship Service Diesel Generator (SSDG) Business Case Analysis (BCA), sponsored by NAVSEA SEA21 and tasked by NSWCCD SSES Philadelphia, Diesel Branch (Code 931). This SSDG BCA, initiated in response to the Navy’s extension of LSD-41/49 Class ship’s 35-year design life to a 45-year expected service life, examined the technical, cost and operational trade-offs between retaining the existing LSD-41/49 Class Fairbanks Morse Model 38ND8-1/8 Opposed Piston Ship Service Diesel Generator (OP-38 SSDG), and its notional replacement by a candidate diesel engine which meets the required continuous power range, size and interface characteristics (e.g., intake air consumption, heat rejection rate), and calculated electrical power growth margin.

Engineering Study Services. THOR currently provides engineering study services tasked by NAVSEA Surface Warfare Directorate, Readiness Division (SEA21A).  The purpose of this study is to perform a root-cause failure analysis of poor readiness and high failure rates in LPD-17 Class 2.5c Colt-Pielstick, Main Propulsion Diesel Engines (MPDE). THOR’s study provided detailed recommendations for improvements in fluid monitoring programs, upgrades in jacket water and fuel oil service systems, revised operational engine loading guidance, and changes to the LPD-17 MPDE maintenance strategy.


Diesel Inspector
USS IWO JIMA (LHD 7), docked in Norfolk, VA