Thor Solutions

Marine and Systems Engineering

Marine engineering services, turn-key systems engineered project development and functional analysis, from systems architecture design to deployment.

  • Control System Design
  • System Design and Analysis
  • Machinery Arrangements;  Layouts, Equipment Trade off Analysis
  • Standards and Specifications development
  • Identification and tracking of requirements
  • Systems definition and functional analysis
  • Technical architecture development
  • Establishment of standard interface control documents

THOR has been the primary architect of the U.S. Coast Guard (CG-932) Machinery Control Program Division’s Cross-Platform / Platform Independent Machinery Control and Monitoring System (CGMCS) acquisition project since its inception.  The CGMCS cross platform solution was born out of the failure of the NSC OEM to provide a functional machinery controls system.  Since August of 2008, THOR personnel, initially supporting the NSC Project office, have been involved with the creation and implementation of a government owned software and hardware solution.

Beginning with CGMCS’ successful installation in Coast Guard National Security Cutter (NSC) and 270-foot Medium Endurance Cutter (WMEC), this unique evolutionary acquisition employs an iterative systems engineered process wherein the project baseline increment adapts in scale and capability across multiple acquisition projects and legacy cutters. Further to on-going NSC/270 system deployment, CGMCS implementation is planned for implantation aboard the Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC), Fast Response Cutter (FRC), and possibly the legacy High Endurance Cutters.

Directly relevant to the PWS is THOR’s comprehensive systems engineering support within Major Systems Acquisition (MSAM)/Non-Major Systems Acquisition (NMAP) processes.  THOR’s support is the pivotal enabler to CGMCS’ on-going success and makes possible CG-932’s role as Lead Systems Integrator (LSI).  THOR’ hands-on stewardship of CGMCS’ complex milestones and technical objectives, communication and coordination and advance planning needs include specific deliverables such as:

  • Acquisition Support: THOR directly manages CGMCS project acquisition strategy, acquisition plan, milestone documents and briefs, as well as coordinates stakeholder inputs to, and performs technical oversight of best practice CMMI© and IEEE© standard work products such as System Requirements Documents, System Requirements Specifications, and software development documents. 
  • Risk Management Support: THOR created the initial project risk tracker and is in the process of creating the risk management plan for the MCS project office.  THOR manages and tracks the current risks and is managing the existing risk database. 
  • Administrative Support:  THOR manages the MCMS IPT and bi-weekly MCMS team meetings.  Additionally, THOR organizes and supports technical and business events between NSWCCD Philadelphia, NSC PMO, PRO Gulf Coast, and 3rd party industry attendees.
  • Technical Library Management:  THOR is managing the MCMS SharePoint site which is the document and technical data conduit between NAVSSES Philadelphia (the design and installation activity), the NSC PMO, the NSC PRO, and the USCG Technical Authorities. 
  • Technical Support: THOR drafted the ECP for the CGMCS prototype.  THOR has been managing the interface between NAVSEA, NAVSSES, SFLC-LRE-PLM, SFLC-ESD, and CG-9321 including conducting the necessary studies and whitepapers for associated technical issues.  Technical requirements traceability is quite complicated due to the unique cross platform nature and THOR has been conducting the necessary technical analyses and requirements comparison (to ASTM, ABS NVR, CFR, CG-9 Procurement Specifications) to ensure CGMCS is compliant across multiple platforms.  THOR is managing the technical efforts of NAVSSES, two USCG Product Lines and two acquisition offices, ensuring all efforts are coordinated and preventing duplication of effort.
  • Logistics Support: THOR manages CGMCS logistics products including updating the shipbuilder technical manuals, conducting RM&A analysis, developing MPCs, and converting drawings to USCG format.  THOR has drafted and managed the procurement documents for both the USCG GFE and USN Provided GFE for the post-delivery installations.  Configuration and Requirements Management.  THOR is updating the requirements and is managing the requirements documentation as this system expands from one platform to multiple platforms.  Drawing Support:  THOR is currently in the process of finalizing the “As-Built” drawings for NSCs 1-3 and is also in the process of updating the National Security Cutter’s Selected Record Drawings.
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