Thor Solutions

Acquisition/Program Management

PMP / Level III certified professionals: Full Spectrum Acquisition Support, applying experienced success across the full DoD / DHS Milestone Decision & Acquisition Decision Event process.

  • DoD Milestone B & USCG Acquisition Decision Event document generation and support
  • Program Planning & Risk Management, Requirements VV&A, and Traceability
  • Cost Estimating & Technical Trade Studies
  • DT/OT&E Planning & Evaluation
  • Specification, Request For Proposal & CDRL Development
  • Design Review
  • Production Support/ Earned Value Management System Support

With our teaming partner, The McHenry Management Group, THOR is leading the effort to provide professional engineering, logistics and project management support services to the U.S. Coast Guard, Office of Acquisitions, COMDT (CG-9321); Maritime Security Cutter Large (WMSL)/National Security Cutter (NSC) project. Work being performed includes: Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) and Time Compliant Task Order development, document research, reviewing and revising asset specifications and drawings, acquisition and administrative support, subject matter expertise in combat systems, air systems, C4ISR systems, infrastructure and facilities, and testing support of the HM&E and C4ISR systems. Efforts are also focused on cost analysis, purchasing support, providing recommendations and technical advice to the project management teams and project leads.  Our team is assisting in the management of the Post Shakedown Availability's for CG-9321 as well as coordinating the preparations for OT&E on the NSC.

Past Performance

Ship-to-Shore Connector Research and Development Support. As Task Lead of the Ship-to-Shore Connector (SSC) ACAT-1D Program Support Team for the Amphibious Warfare Program Office (PMS-377), Team THOR supported the refinement of operational concepts, Key Performance Parameters (KPP) and Key System Attributes (KSA) within the CJCSI 3170.01G – Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) Capabilities Development Document (CDD), with relevant system capabilities and system support concepts focused on lower Total Ownership Costs (TOC).  This effort included support of OPNAV Director, Amphibious Warfare (N85) SSC resource sponsor staff and briefing materials for the Joint Staff Functional Capabilities Board (FCB), through Joint Capabilities Board (JCB), and Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) approval of the SSC CDD. Further, Mr. Walker drafted and supported the staffing of the principle DoD 5000.02 and SECNAV 5000.2D ACAT-1 Milestone B and SECNAV 5000.2D Navy Gate Review process documentation, including Acquisition Strategy, Acquisition Plan, and Acquisition Program Baseline.

Ship-to-Shore Connector Software Engineering. Applying its significant software development depth, THOR provided support to the PMS 377 SSC Program in the analysis of the C4N system software development effort.  THOR’s objective was to establish a notional software development schedule for budget programming, government software oversight staff planning, and to have understanding of anticipated software development schedules expected from SSC RFP Offerors.  Accordingly, using SSC C4N software size and complexity data from a previous task, and the SSC C4N technical specification, THOR calculated realistic event timelines and developer staff loading levels from post contract award Requirements Review, Product Design, and Programming through full hardware and software Integration Testing.  Next, THOR determined placement and interrelationships for the aforementioned with HW Design, Software Integration Lab (SIL) HW Fabrication, SIL W&A Simulation/Stimulation, and Hardware Configuration Item (HWCI) SIL Activation.  Once the development schedule began to take form, THOR refined placement and size based upon necessary interrelationships with items on the SSC Program Schedule, such as Milestones/Reviews, Documents/Contracts, Shipbuilder Schedule, Reviews and Audits plus Test and Evaluation.

Ship-to-Shore Connector Modeling and Simulation. THOR provided support to the Navy’s Amphibious Warfare Program Office (PMS 377), SSC Program C4N System, to evaluate the basis of estimates for the Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Navigation (C4N) software for the SSC and to validate the previous software estimate that had been prepared and submitted as part of the SSC’s Cost Analysis Requirements Definition (CARD).  THOR provided its expert advice to the Amphibious Warfare Program Office in the form of recommendations regarding the calculation of the software code growth and analysis.  THOR evaluated the baseline cost estimate and presented a modified estimate.  THOR’s analysis of the newly-defined size estimate and parametric model showed that if the Program Office could improve the domain knowledge of the contractor, and improve the team cohesion of the C4N software acquisition team, there would be a significant positive impact on the C4N software acquisition and as much as 40% lower NRE for the SSC Software development.

Ship-to-Shore Connector Technical Data Support. In support of the PMS 377 SSC Program, THOR applied significant machinery control and software development expertise supporting the draft of the SSC C4N system critical RFP Section C (Statement of Work), Specification Section 202 (C4N) of the Technical Data Package (TDP), and associated J Attachment CDRL contractual requirements to meet IEEE/EIA Std. 12207 (Systems and Software Engineering – Software life cycle processes),  ISO/IEC 15289:2006 (E), Systems and Software Engineering – Content of Systems and Software Life Cycle Process Information Products (documentation).  THOR’s meticulous efforts in the development of these critical specifications will promote the delivery of a fully-supported SSC C4N system that advances:  Reliability, availability, maintainability, testability, and system safety --- at lower TOC and longer service life.

THOR out at sea trials for PMS 377 - Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) 76 enters the well deck of an amphibious assault ship
Testing of the new support vehicle & delivery
Notional Ship Program, Test & Evalution Master Plan
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